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Addressing Haiti’s mental health needs

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    As earthquake-devastated Haiti continues to rebuild its infrastructure, the University of Miami’s School of Education recently hosted a two-day summit that addressed an important but largely overlooked aspect of the nation’s recovery: the state of mental health needs in the country. Some 75 researchers, physicians, scholars, and psychologists from Haiti, Canada, and around the United States attended the conference.

    Organized by Guerda Nicolas, UM associate professor and chair of Educational and Psychological Studies, and the Illinois Psychiatric Society, the summit helped increase awareness of the mental health situation in Haiti and among affected members of the Haitian Diaspora; foster coordination and collaboration among an interdisciplinary group of Haitian mental health professionals in addressing the mental health needs of Haiti; develop strategic goals and action plans; and create a network of Haitian mental health professionals.

    Above: Conference attendees gather for a group photo at the close of the summit.

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