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Luncheon Honors Walkers and ‘Losers’

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    Walking a few extra miles and shedding unwanted pounds resulted in huge benefits for a group of University of Miami employees, who not only improved their health and fitness levels but also got the chance to have lunch with UM President Donna E. Shalala. The former secretary of health and human services hosted a special luncheon on May 17 for the winners of the Department of Wellness and Recreation’s Walking ’Canes and ’Canes Biggest Loser programs.

    The luncheon, sponsored by Chartwells, is an annual tradition where President Shalala personally congratulates the top ten contestants of the Walking ‘Canes program and the top two winners of the ’Canes Biggest Loser program. Grace Castro and Tim Ramsay were the top female and male ’Canes Biggest Losers of 2011. Both of the programs, offered at the beginning of each calendar year, are open to UM faculty and staff. For more information, log on to the Herbert Wellness Center website or call 305-284-LIFE (5433).

    Above, from left to right, are: Karen Semel, Nichole Shackelford, Ann Graziotti, Rachelle Tanega, Phyllis Dorcely, Tim Ramsay, President Shalala, Sharon Howard, Dina Ramos, Lorraine Woolsey, Mary Susan Rundlett, Elsa Carolina Salazar, Grace Castro


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