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Center for the Humanities Welcomes Bestselling Author Dava Sobel

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    Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva Open WorkoutThe Center for the Humanities began its fifth anniversary year on October 3 with the Stanford Distinguished Professor Lecture by Dava Sobel. The science writer, known for her ability to give a voice to historical characters, presented a view into the life of Copernicus and his interaction with Georg Joachim Rheticus, the mathematician who convinced him to publish On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres, which presented a full heliocentric theory, a solar system in which the Earth orbited the sun.

    The evening included a dramatic reading by Chris O’Connor, assistant professor of theatre arts, and Brian Perrault, B.F.A. musical theatre, Class of 2016, of “And the Sun Stood Still: A Play in Two Acts,” which is included in Sobel’s new book, A More Perfect Heaven.

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