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NBA Superstar Kobe Bryant Drops in on UM Marketing Class

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    Kobe Bryant attended Jeffrey Weinstock's lecture on the relaunch of the Ford Fiesta, not exactly a comfortable car for the  6'6'' shooting guard.

    Kobe Bryant attended Jeffrey Weinstock’s marketing lecture on the relaunch of the Ford Fiesta, not exactly a good fit for the 6’6” shooting guard.

    CORAL GABLES, Fla. (January 24, 2014) — School of Business Administration students got a thrill last Wednesday when five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant dropped by campus to sit in on a marketing class taught by lecturer Jeffrey Weinstock. The Los Angeles Lakers’ shooting guard later attended the University of Miami’s basketball game against Duke with a host of other NBA notables.

    Bryant, who entered the NBA directly from high school, likes to attend classes at different universities when he’s on the road with the Lakers. The 15-time NBA All-Star is out with an injury, but his team faced the Miami Heat Thursday night. Eugene Anderson, dean of the business school, escorted Bryant to Weinstock’s class, where he listened attentively to a fast-paced, interactive discussion on the relaunch of the Ford Fiesta using social media. Then Bryant, who might have trouble squeezing his 6’6″ frame into a Fiesta, gallantly engaged in a five-minute Q&A.

    The students, all last-semester seniors, had the opportunity to pose with Bryant, posting photos and videos on social media, where word of his extra-athletic activities spread quickly.

    After his classroom visit, Bryant watched the ’Canes take on the Duke Blue Devils, along with the Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Shane Battier.

    Prior to the Lakers game against the Boston Celtics earlier this month, Bryant sat in on a marketing class at Boston College. The NBA superstar hasn’t done too shabbily without a college education. He is reportedly the NBA’s highest-earning player.





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