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Students Elect New SG Executive Officers

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    CORAL GABLES, Fla. (February 21, 2014) – The Unite the U ticket swept the recent University of Miami Student Government elections, winning all three executive officer seats that were up for grabs.

    A total of 1,951 students cast votes in this year’s race—a 4 percent increase in voter participation that Symon Rowlands, SG Elections Commission vice chair, attributes to the new OrgSync voting system that allowed students to vote via computer.

    The elected executive officers, whose one-year terms begin in April, include:

    • President: Alessandria San Roman (Unite the U)
    • Vice President: William Herrera (Unite the U)
    • Treasurer: Dariel Fagundo (Unite the U)

    Seven students were elected to the Student Government Senate:

    • College of Engineering: Tomas Cacicedo
    • College of Arts and Sciences: Bryon Hazzard and Austin Akira
    • Commuter Students: Kristen Schlotzhauer, Eric Gonzalez, and Nicole Marcos
    • School of Communication: Bruno Solari

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