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Faculty and Staff Support the U in a Big Way and Students Show Their Gratitude

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    Thank-You-VideoThe University’s faculty and staff donors are earning a big “thank you” from grateful students whose lives have been transformed by their generous support. To date, employees have contributed more than $31 million during Momentum2: The Breakthrough Campaign for the University of Miami, which began in 2008 with a goal of raising $1.6 billion and making the U the next great American university.

    As the This is Your U  video featuring 10 students who have benefitted from the campaign underscores, donor support has provided countless students with opportunities once thought to be out of reach, fostering their success and roles as tomorrow’s leaders.

    Alicia Barroso is among them. Her parents escaped Cuba on a small boat when she was just 2 and came to the U.S. in search of a better life. After excelling in high school, she said she was “lucky enough to be accepted at the University of Miami,” and luckier still for the scholarships and generous people who provided resources, be it their time or donations, to make her college years “the best of my life.” A double major in accounting and finance, Alicia is about to graduate summa cum laude and head to a job in New York.

    So watch the video, read about colleagues who give to the U, then explore ways you too can contribute today.




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