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Patient Access Supervisor Inspired by His Patient Experience

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    Julio Penal

    Julio Punal

    By Julio Punal

    Prior to working here, two events impacted my life and gave me the motivation and purpose that drives me. The first was nine years ago, when one of my sons was diagnosed with aplastic anemia and underwent a bone marrow transplant. My son and I would come to Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center for his follow-up care, and we always had a positive experience with every person we encountered.

    The second time was a little over six years ago, when I had a non-malignant tumor removed from my right wrist. The procedure was performed at University of Miami Hospital, whose team provided the level of comfort my family and I needed to get through this ordeal.

    From the moment I began working here as a patient access representative in 2010, I set out to treat every patient and their families like my family and I were treated. I also set a timeline for myself to continue growing and moving up within UM. I have been extremely fortunate to be able to stay on track with my growth progress, which includes continuing my education at UM. My son is also a student at UM and my daughter will enroll in 2016.

    I am extremely thankful to my mentors along the way for guiding me with their insight. Every day I am thankful for this great opportunity and for the U transforming my family’s life and creating a legacy that we share with one another. We definitely bleed orange and green through and through!

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