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Wynwood Gallery Features Creativity Off Campus

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    Student and faculty exhibitions at the University of Miami Art Gallery in Wynwood create a buzz within the community.

    By Jennifer Palma
    UM News


    The University of Miami Gallery is located in the zebra-striped Wynwood Building in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood, one of South Florida’s art hot spots.

    CORAL GABLES, Fla. (November 3, 2016) — Nestled in the heart of the bustling Art District known as Wynwood, the University of Miami Art Gallery has staked a claim in one of South Florida’s hotspots for artists and art lovers alike. The gallery, located in the “zebra building” well known for the black and white stripes that flank the entire exterior from top to bottom, invites visitors to explore the student- and faculty-curated exhibitions inside.

    The UM Gallery has been in Wynwood since 2012 and continues to feature various artists and works associated with the University arts community. In October, faculty member Jeff Larson from the Department of Art and Art History curated 6 x 6, an exhibition coordinated through ArtsUnited, an LGBTQ non-profit aimed at exposing and supporting local LGBTQ artists. The works featured mixed media and themes, and offered visitors an insight into the impact of art in various communities.

    “As a curator, the impact is not an earth-shattering of consequences, but the flutter of the butterfly’s wings that allows artists who identify or are allies of the LGBTQ community to show their work in a public venue,” said Larson. “Art, no matter what the medium, has had an impact on the LGBTQ community as a source of identification within society.”

    With a monthly rotation of exhibitions, the gallery continuously aims to reach communities both on and off campus. The 2016 Faculty Exhibition, on display until November 26, showcases the work of faculty in the Art and Art History Department, an exhibition gallery director Milly Cardoso stages every year.

    “I think it’s wonderful that students and visitors have an opportunity to see what our professors are working on outside the classroom,” said Cardoso, who encourages faculty to submit projects regardless of medium or area of study. “The faculty exhibition offers an eclectic mix of art; there’s so much to see and enjoy.”

    For some faculty, the gallery serves as a platform to share their work with audiences that aren’t affiliated with the University, which allows them not only to expand their network, but communicate the relevance of their work to students.

    “When students are able to see their faculty create and display their work, it legitimizes the lessons conducted in the classroom,” said Tomas Lopez, professor of art and art history.

    “It is easy for students to think that professors are simply teaching their craft, but to see faculty pieces in a place like Wynwood proves that their talents and passions extend far beyond the classroom.”

    The gallery also showcases student exhibitions, allowing students to experience the full spectrum of creating and submitting their work for possible curation. Many students, Lopez said, never even think about the technical side of working with galleries and promoting their art—until presented with the option of working with the Wynwood gallery.

    “The visibility of both student and faculty art in Wynwood is crucial to remain visible within the community,” said Lopez. “It is important for prospective students to see that they can gain exposure through an off-campus gallery and to see their faculty continuously contributing to the larger picture within the art world.”

    The annual faculty exhibition is on display until November 26 at the University of Miami Art Gallery located inside the Wynwood Building at 2750 N.W. 3rd Avenue, Suite 4, Miami, FL 33127. A full schedule of exhibitions can be viewed at






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