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Compliance Corner: Know the Rules When Employing Student-Athletes

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    Throughout the academic year, many University of Miami student-athletes work in various internships and different types of employment opportunities. While it is permissible for representatives of athletics interests (boosters) to employ UM student-athletes, there are a few NCAA regulations that our boosters, including faculty and staff, must abide by to protect the eligibility of our student-athletes.

    Student-athletes must be paid only the going rate in the field and locale of their employment. This means, for example, that if the going rate for employment in a given field in Miami is $20 an hour, it would be impermissible to pay a student-athlete $50 an hour for the same work.

    Additionally, student-athletes may be paid only for work actually performed. There have been many NCAA violations concerning student-athletes who received money without actually performing the work they were paid to do. To ensure work is actually completed, student-athletes should not be paid in advance. Student-athletes who receive payment without performing work would jeopardize their eligibility and put UM in the position of having to seek their reinstatement, or possibly face other penalties.

    Student-athletes may, however, receive the same employment benefits available to other employees performing the same type of work at a given job. For example, if all employees at a given company receive a company T-shirt and business cards, it would be permissible for a student-athlete to receive the same.

    The UM Athletics Department asks all University of Miami faculty, staff, alumni, boosters, and supporters who may employ a student-athlete to complete an employer verification form (available on the compliance website) and to contact the compliance office with any questions concerning student-athlete employment. As always, your efforts to help the University of Miami maintain a culture of compliance are greatly appreciated.

    For more compliance information, follow the UM Athletics Department on Twitter (@UCompliance), like them on Facebook (, or contact them via email,


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