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UM Reaffirms Support for Transgender Community

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    GenderneutralIn a statement released on Friday, the University of Miami reaffirmed its support for the transgender community by continuing to encourage students, faculty, staff, and visitors to use bathrooms and facilities that correspond with their gender identity.

    The statement came in response to the federal government’s recent rescindment of its prior guidance providing that a federal law (Title IX) banning discrimination on the basis of sex granted transgender students the freedom to use bathrooms and facilities that corresponded with their gender identity. The statement “adamantly reiterated” UM’s policy of maintaining a campus environment where everyone has the right to use bathrooms and facilities that correspond with their gender identity.

    “Allowing people to be their authentic selves in terms of gender identity and expression is an absolute priority in the University’s ongoing efforts to build a culture of inclusion and belonging,” the statement said.

    For more information on campus resources available to the transgender community, including locations of gender-neutral and inclusive restrooms, contact the LGBTQ Student CenterFaculty and staff are encouraged to contact Human Resources for assistance and information on the LGBTQ Employee Resource Group and the University’s Non-Discrimination/Anti-Harassment Policy Statement.

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