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Join LGBTQ ’Canes and Allies at Miami Beach Pride April 9

Miami Beach Pride 2017

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The University of Miami invites students, alumni, faculty, and staff to walk with its Candyland-themed float in the ninth annual Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade on Ocean Drive on Sunday, April 9. Parade begins at 12 p.m., but walkers should arrive by 11 a.m. For more information and to register, visit OrgSync

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Limited Free Tickets to Andrés Oppenheimer’s Conversation with Julio Borges

The University of Miami has a limited number of free tickets to the next event in the Miami Herald and el Nuevo Herald’s Americas Conference Series with Andrés Oppenheimer, which will feature the award-winning columnist interviewing Julio Borges, president of Venezuela’s National Congress, on Friday, April 7, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. in the UM Fieldhouse at the Watsco Center.

To reserve a free ticket, register for the conference, which will be conducted in Spanish, at http://conversatorios.bpt.me and enter UMguest in the blue link that says “Enter a Password or Discount.”  When the cost of the ticket displays as $0.00, select ticket and proceed to complete registration. Once the complimentary tickets run out, members of the UM community can purchase tickets for $15 by entering GoCanes.

After the interview, Borges, who heads Venezuela’s opposition-controlled Congress during a critical period in the nation’s history, will answer questions from the audience.



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Inspiring Women to Find Their Purpose

The 46th annual UM Women's Commission Breakfast

The 46th annual UM Women’s Commission Breakfast

Sometimes the best things in life aren’t things—they’re opportunities to find your purpose. That’s the message Constance Collins, president and executive director of Lotus House Women’s Shelter, told more than 130 University of Miami students, faculty, and staff who attended the 46th annual University of Miami Women’s Commission Breakfast on Wednesday at the Shalala Student Center.

Collins was 46 years old in 2005 when she retired from a 22-year career as general counsel and chief operating and financial officer for a major real estate investment firm. She realized she didn’t want her legacy to be “building buildings and accumulating things,” she said. “Now I live a blessed life serving as a bridge between the haves and have-nots.”

In 2006, Collins opened Lotus House, a shelter in Miami’s Overtown district for homeless women and children. The shelter currently houses more than 250 women and children daily, and construction is under way on Lotus Village, a five-story, 500-bed complex with a wellness center, health and dental clinic, computer library, children’s day care, arts and activity lab, and other services.

Following the keynote address, the Women’s Commission presented its 2017 May A. Brunson Award, named in honor of the University’s second dean of women, to Ann Olazábal, professor and vice dean of undergraduate education in the School of Business Administration, who founded the school’s Women in Business Group to support development of women in the professional workplace, particularly in predominantly male industries.

The Women’s Commission presented its Louise P. Mills Award, which recognizes students who exhibit “leadership, creativity, caring, and high academic performance,” to Monica Bustinza, a senior political science major and president of the nonpartisan student organization Get Out the Vote. Her leadership elevated civic engagement at the U to unprecedented heights, including a record 2,500 students registering to vote and designation of UM as a Voter-Friendly Campus by Campus Vote Project and NASPA—Student Affairs Educators in Higher Education.

In addition to the breakfast, the Women’s Commission hosted or participated in several activities this academic year, including Get Out the Vote initiatives, the Patricia A. Whitely Women’s Leadership Symposium, a lunch-and-learn discussion on the Culture Transformation featuring School of Education and Human Development Dean Isaac Prilleltensky, a Veterans Day celebration for the Veteran Students Organization, and a partnership with Junior League of Miami to donate more than 400 books for two housing communities benefiting survivors of domestic violence.

The forthcoming Reflect & Reignite event on Friday, April 21 at 12 p.m. invites all members of the UM community to share future programming ideas.



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Trainers Transform Lives

Personal trainer Naeem Bacchus, left, with Kladius Maynard after an early-morning session

Personal trainer Naeem Bacchus, left, with Kladius Maynard after an early-morning session

CORAL GABLES, Fla. (March 29, 2017) – Just one year after beginning personal training at the Patti and Allan Herbert Wellness Center, senior Kladius Maynard is celebrating his physical and personal transformation. After making the courageous decision to start training and living a healthier lifestyle, Maynard is now a Herbert Wellness Center regular, working out at least five days a week. The international studies and economics major attributes his health and fitness success to the personal training program and his personal trainer, UM graduate student Naeem Bacchus.

Looking back on his life one year ago, Maynard can see how personal training has positively influenced his health, fitness aptitude, and personal growth. He lost more than 100 pounds and 62.5 inches, and improved his cardiovascular fitness by 30 percent.

“I wanted to feel better about myself,” says Maynard. “I knew that incorporating a healthier lifestyle would boost my confidence, improve my interactions with other people, and help me be an all-around better person.”

Personal trainers are not just for those looking to lose weight. Individuals at any fitness level can benefit from working with a personal trainer, who tailors the training to help each client reach his or her optimal goals. Whether you are looking to enhance strength, endurance, or quality of life, Herbert Wellness Center trainers are equipped to customize programming to fit your needs.

Maynard was ready to take control of his health, but like many who try personal training, the Stanford Residential College resident assistant knew he needed outside motivation to help get him to the gym at 7 a.m. every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In order to cement long-term success, he wanted someone who encouraged him, pushed him, and motivated him to do the best he could. Enter Bacchus.

An exercise physiology graduate student and certified personal trainer, Bacchus became a trainer at the Herbert Wellness Center in summer 2014. With specialties in strength and conditioning, stability and mobility, he trains about eight to ten clients each week, an average number for trainers at the Herbert Wellness Center.
“I enjoy working with people and enabling them to improve their quality of life simply by sharing my knowledge and guiding them through a detailed process we plan together,” says Bacchus. “I try my best to find a way for us to accomplish their goals through specific programs.”

Nikki Reifschneider, assistant director of fitness and personal training, explains that personal trainers at the Herbert Wellness Center are UM students, typically earning degrees in an exercise- related field, such as exercise physiology, sports medicine, or physical therapy. Not only are trainers certified through a nationally recognized organization, they exhibit practical and intellectual competency and leadership in fitness while also learning the newest and most up-to-date information in their respective education fields on a day-to-day basis.

While teaching physical movement is a large part of the personal trainer’s work, there is also a lesser-known responsibility to connect with clients on a psycho-emotional level. After a year of training together, Maynard views Bacchus as more than a personal trainer; he is also a friend.

“I feel we developed a friendship outside the professional trainer-trainee relationship, and that’s what makes it easier,” Maynard says with reverence. “Because Naeem connects with me on other aspects of life outside health and wellness, it is like I am working out with a friend more so than someone I am paying.”

Personal training is built on a foundation of trust and respect. Maynard attributes his success to feeling completely comfortable and at ease with his trainer. He knows Bacchus is there to support him, teach him, and guide him.

Since embarking on his personal training journey with Bacchus, Maynard can confidently say his life has changed for the better. In addition to improvements in his fitness abilities, flexibility, and overall strength, Maynard notices exponential enhancements in his quality of life, self-image and confidence. Not only is Maynard healthier physically, he is also healthier mentally.

“Working with Klad is very inspiring and beyond anything I could have ever imagined,” says Bacchus. “Kladius puts in all the work, but knowing I was able to help him change his life permanently in just over a year is absolutely incredible.”

The Herbert Wellness Center currently employs 17 personal trainers from a wide variety of backgrounds and specialties. Personal training is ideal for someone looking for a structured exercise program, movement assessments, proper technique instruction, motivation, accountability, and a mentor or friend.

“Beginning this process is bound to be scary and that is a natural feeling to have,” adds Maynard. “But starting to work out is the hardest decision to make and from there on out, everything else is easier.”

To learn more about the personal training program and start your personal training experience, click here.

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Conversations with President Frenk Begin April 20

Staff with less than five years of service are invited to register for the first sessions of Conversations with President Frenk, on Thursday, April 20, on the Gables campus, and Monday, May 22, on the Miller School campus.

The Conversations with President Frenk sessions reflect his personal “One Action” as a response to the Gallup Faculty and Staff Engagement Survey results. Sessions will be scheduled quarterly to provide staff from across the University the opportunity to share their ideas, thoughts, or concerns directly with the President relative to things University administration and local leaders are doing well and areas where we could do better. The meetings will be hosted in small groups (15 people or less per session).

To register, click here. The session will be held for one hour and light refreshments will be served. If you have any questions, please email engagementsurvey@miami.edu.


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