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Reminder to Register Activities Involving Minors on Campus

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    The University hosts a wide variety of children’s activities and camps throughout the year, including summer and inter-session camps. All activities that involve persons under the age of 18 (minors) who are not enrolled or accepted for enrollment in credit-granting courses at the University, or who are not an employee of the University, must be registered with the University and must meet applicable standards for the protection of minors and reporting of child abuse and neglect.

    For the Coral Gables campus, there is a Camps Policy, and annual registration and training are required for all camps using University facilities. For camp registration and more information, please visit the Camp/Program Operating Policy.

    All other activities, on any University campus, involving minors must be sponsored by a unit within the University and must register with University Compliance Services. For more information, please contact Bonnie M. Muschett, director of compliance and Title IX coordinator, at

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