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Learn How to Take Action on Survey Results April 4

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    Leaders are invited to participate in  a webinar on Tuesday, April 4, from 12 to 1 p.m. to learn how to analyze and take action on the results of the engagement survey. The Driving an Engaging Workforce course provides leaders with insights and tools they can use to create an environment in which their team members thrive and engagement is high.

    During this course, participants will gain:

    • the empowerment necessary to take ownership of their team’s engagement
    • an understanding of the factors that influence engagement and how to use the 12 elements of engagement as a lens to improve team culture and performance
    • specific actions leaders and their team members can take to enhance the team’s engagement
    • tools and insights that will help leaders lead individual and team conversations about interpreting their team’s current state of engagement

    To register for a live webinar, please visit and search for “Driving an Engaging Workforce”. 

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