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Conversations with President Frenk Begin April 20

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    Staff with less than five years of service are invited to register for the first sessions of Conversations with President Frenk, on Thursday, April 20, on the Gables campus, and Monday, May 22, on the Miller School campus.

    The Conversations with President Frenk sessions reflect his personal “One Action” as a response to the Gallup Faculty and Staff Engagement Survey results. Sessions will be scheduled quarterly to provide staff from across the University the opportunity to share their ideas, thoughts, or concerns directly with the President relative to things University administration and local leaders are doing well and areas where we could do better. The meetings will be hosted in small groups (15 people or less per session).

    To register, click here. The session will be held for one hour and light refreshments will be served. If you have any questions, please email


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