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Free Skin Screenings

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    WellCanes-608x342The Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery, in partnership with Well ’Canes, offers free full-body skin examinations for University of Miami faculty and staff enrolled in a UM/Aetna medical plan. Skin cancer screenings are recommended for everyone, regardless of personal or family medical history.

    Skin cancer is prevalent in south Florida with more than one out of five people developing skin cancer in their lifetime.  There are three major forms of skin cancer.  Basal cell carcinoma is the most common, often present on the face, particularly the nose, and may appear as a translucent area, which can easily breakdown and bleed.  Squamous cell carcinoma generally develops in heavily sun damaged areas on the face and arms and appears as a firm scaly area, which may be somewhat tender when picked.

    The most deadly major form of skin cancer in melanoma.  Melanoma can be tricky to identify early as it often appears similar to a mole; however, it tends to not match the other moles on the body. As it grows, it becomes progressively more non-uniform.  In a recent study from Germany death from melanoma was decreased by 47% in men and 49% in women suggesting skin cancer screening saves lives.  Early detection also results in simpler and smaller cancer treatments resulting in less scarring if treatment is necessary.

    UM offers free skin cancer screening to all it employees enrolled in a UM/Aetna medical plan on an annual basis.  These screenings are designed to be quick to allow you to return to work right away.  Most patients can be in and out of the office within 15 minutes.  If biopsies or other advanced care, such as use of total body photos or confocal imaging, are required, then a formal appointment will be required.  If a lesion poses concern, patients may choose to follow up with a physician of their choice and UM dermatology will expedite the appointment if a UM physician is chosen.  Ultimately, it is the patient’s responsibility to follow up on a lesion.

    Please call 305-243-6704 to schedule your appointment with our dermatologists. Remember to bring your Aetna medical insurance card to your appointment. For additional information about the University of Miami’s wellness offerings, visit

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