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Ready to Shine as a UFacilitator?

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    I am the U Facilitator Call 2017 FinalThe University’s UFacilitators, a group of volunteers who audition to host new employees at the new I am the U orientation, have welcomed hundreds of faculty and staff since the program launched in January. Now the program is hosting auditions for a new class of UFacilitators who will welcome new employees to the University.

    As a U Facilitator you will have the opportunity to impact our workforce from day one by sharing stories, inspiring others to share theirs, and showing everyone why it’s great to be a Miami Hurricane.

    If you are energetic, have a strong passion for the U, and are capable of influencing positive change, we need you!

    To learn more about the U Facilitator program RSVP to an upcoming information session:

    Gables info sessions

    Medical info sessions

     RSMAS info sessions

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