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New Signs Remind Motorists: Yield to Pedestrians—It’s the Law

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    In-Ground Pedestrian Signs Locations

    Click on map to enlarge.

    In an effort to educate motorists that they must yield to pedestrians at crosswalks—it’s state law—the City of Coral Cables has installed in-ground yield-to-pedestrian signs at 15 locations near and around the University of Miami’s Coral Gables campus. The city selected these locations based on their proximity to schools, city facilities, and churches. All faculty, staff, students, and other motorists driving near and around the campus are urged to drive carefully and yield to pedestrians in these and all other crosswalks because it is the law.

    As reflected in the map, the signs are at the following locations:

    1. Levante Avenue and Red Rd / SW 57 Avenue
    2. San Amaro Drive and Levante Avenue
    3. San Amaro Drive and Brescia Avenue
    4. San Amaro Drive and Scodella Avenue
    5. San Amaro Drive and Liguria Avenue
    6. San Amaro Drive and Albenga Avenue
    7. San Amaro Drive and Corniche Avenue
    8. San Amaro Drive and Baracoa Avenue
    9. San Amaro Drive between Memorial Drive and Ancona Avenue
    10. San Amaro Drive between Urbino Avenue and Robbia Avenue
    11. San Amaro Court and Campo Sano Avenue
    12. Campo Sano Court and Campo Sano Avenue
    13. Ponce de Leon Boulevard and Granada Boulevard
    14. Ponce de Leon Boulevard and Carillo Street
    15. Ponce de Leon Boulevard and Stanford Drive

    For more information on the City of Coral Gables’ Pedestrian Awareness Campaign visit


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