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Compliance Corner: Ask Before Giving Your Tickets Away

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    NCAA rules prohibit an institution, its staff members, and its boosters from offering, providing, or arranging financial assistance or any other benefits for a prospective student-athlete, which the NCAA defines as any individual in high school, regardless of whether that person is being recruited by the University of Miami or even plays a sport.

    While the University can provide certain benefits to prospective student-athletes, including tickets to UM games, provided the tickets have been verified by the Compliance Office, UM staff members and boosters are not permitted to provide any type of “pre-college expenses” to anyone who is a prospective student-athlete. That means staff members may not donate or give their tickets to any high school-aged individual.

    Additionally, donating tickets or other items to be auctioned for a high school is specifically prohibited, as the funds raised by these auctions go directly to prospective student-athletes, even if they are not earmarked for specific individuals.

    It is of utmost importance that UM boosters and employees refrain from providing any benefits to UM student-athletes and prospective student-athletes unless and until they have contacted the compliance office for guidance on what benefits are permissible.

    As always, your efforts to help the University of Miami maintain a culture of compliance are greatly appreciated. For more compliance information, follow the UM Athletics Department on Twitter (@UCompliance), like them on Facebook (, or contact them via email,


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