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Call for Applications and Nominations for the 2018 Faculty Learning Community

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    The Office of the Provost is accepting applications and nominations for the 2018 Faculty Learning Community (FLC) through Friday, December 15 for distinct FLC groups that will concentrate on two themes:

    • 3D Printing/Maker Technologies: Incorporating opportunities for students to transform course content, projects, and new ideas into physical models, sculptures, and mechanisms.
    • Media-Based Assignments: Leveraging the Adobe Creative Cloud suite and other software to enable students to create and edit images, data visualizations, audio, video, and multimedia projects.

    The FLC program was the focus of the University’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). FLCs give faculty members from all disciplines the knowledge, skills, and pedagogical support to improve their teaching and enhance the learning environment.

    The University regards FLC membership as an acknowledgment of excellent, innovative, and effective teaching. It is open to all full-time faculty who are engaged in undergraduate teaching. Faculty who are selected will be designated as FLC Fellows and will receive a one-course teaching reduction in the Fall 2018 semester.

    In addition, each topic group will have a shared pool of funds available to support their FLC work. FLC Fellows will meet seven times over the course of the spring semester to engage in facilitated discussion regarding their theme and their courses. They also will be expected to incorporate active-learning concepts into an existing or new course, utilize emerging tools/technologies as part of the course, assess active-learning outcomes, and teach the enhanced course at least three times during the five years after their FLC is concluded.

    Click here for a full program description and application form.



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