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Experience ULearn’s Expanded Professional Development Opportunities

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    New ULearn Homepage

    Search. Click. Learn.
    The new ULearn, which will transform the learning experience for employees, debuts on Monday, November 13, with a new, learner-friendly homepage, easy navigation buttons, and easy-to-use search capabilities.

    Along with these improvements, Talent and Organizational Development, in collaboration with UMIT, are introducing an expanded library of professional development offerings to include online courses, live events, certifications, books, and videos developed by Skillsoft, an innovative leader in eLearning and professional development resources.

    The expanded catalog supplements the University’s existing professional development offerings by enabling employees to engage in development activities that meet their unique needs and schedules—anytime, day or night from their PC, laptop or tablet.

    Visit the new ULearn to find:

     Online Courses
    Over 2,000 online courses are now available in communications, customer service, process improvement, marketing, finance, accounting, project management, and more.

    Books and Videos
    More than 100,000 books and videos from top authors, thought leaders, and executives are available on many topics, including time management, influence, leadership, well-being, change, innovation.

    Courses in project management, human resources, information technology, and many other subjects are available to prepare you for professional certification exams.

    Live Events
    Tune in to live and interactive business and leadership presentations featuring sought-after thought leaders, including Amy Cuddy, David Marquet, Daniel Pink, Liz Wiseman, and many others.

    To Start Learning:

    • Visit Once you’ve logged in, you may:
      • Use the main Search box (at top of the screen) or click “Browse Training by Subject”
      • Click “Certifications” or “Books & Live Events” buttons

    For more information on the expansion of professional development offerings, please contact Talent and Organizational Development at or 305-243-3090.


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