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Help Improve TALK for Success

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    The Office of Workplace Equity and Performance is asking employees to take a short, anonymous survey on their experiences with TALK for Success,  the University’s new permanence review process. Results from the survey will help the Office of Workplace Equity and Performance make adjustments and changes to improve TALK for Success, which launched in February.

    Through a University-wide survey and focus groups, the University community provided similar feedback when the University began the process of  redesigning performance reviews  in September 2015. That feedback was critical to the development of TALK for Success, which gives managers and staff the opportunity to have TALK sessions and document their discussions in Workday.  As a reminder, the process is currently available for supervisors and employees to have a TALK session anytime during FY18.

    Please take a few minutes and complete the survey at and help the  Office of Workplace Equity and Performance make adjustments and changes for improving TALK for Success.

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