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Compliance Corner: Athletics Donations

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    With the great success that our student-athletes and athletic programs have had both on and off the field, the Athletic Department is consistently asked for donations to help support the fundraising activities of various schools and charitable organizations in the community.

    The NCAA has put in place bylaws to help preserve the eligibility of student-athletes, as well as maintain the integrity of the recruitment of prospective student-athletes. According to these bylaws, collegiate institutions like the University of Miami may provide donations (tickets, autographs, etc.) only to charitable, educational, or non-for-profit organizations. These donations however, may not be used to help support high school athletic programs or be earmarked in any way to benefit recruited prospective student-athletes.

    In men’s basketball specifically, donations from a university may not be made to non-profit organizations that expend funds for the benefit of non-scholastic teams (e.g., AAU teams), recruits, or individuals associated with recruits.

    If you are interested in asking the University of Miami for a donation to a charitable cause or for student-athletes to participate in your promotional activity, the Athletics Department asks that you complete the University of Miami’s Donation/Promotional Request form available at As always, your efforts to help the University maintain a culture of compliance are greatly appreciated.

    For more compliance information, follow the UM Athletics Department on Twitter (@UCompliance), like them on Facebook (, or contact them via email,


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