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Stay Safe with New Travel Partner

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    As part of the University of Miami’s commitment to its students, faculty, and staff, the Department of Risk Management is now partnering with the world’s leading medical and travel security assistance company, International SOS, which replaced Red24 on January 1.

    Faculty, staff and students who are traveling on behalf of UM for business or as part of a credit program are now required to register their trip information with International SOS. By doing this, you will receive an automatic email to prepare you for your trip and alerts to help keep you safe and secure during your trip.

    International SOS offers medical, safety, and security support to UM faculty, staff, and students while they are travelling overseas on University-sponsored programs and business trips. This includes advice, information, and evacuation and repatriation support. Those on a UM-sponsored trip overseas may call International SOS at any time to speak with a physician or security specialist about simple or critical matters.

    The Department of Risk Management encourages you to learn more about International SOS by visiting and watching this short video.

    You may obtain a copy of the new International SOS Membership Card by visiting the portal or downloading the International SOS Assistance App. The app provides one-touch dialing to access the International SOS Assistance Center and reinforces the timely medical and security updates at your travel location. You may log in to the app by using your University of Miami email address. You also may download the My Trips Users Guide.

    For all overseas travel, be sure to register your trip with International SOS instead of Red24. Please visit the International SOS UM Portal and follow the instructions provided.

    Additional information will be sent out in the upcoming weeks, and posted in forthcoming issues of Veritas.


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