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One Bite at a Time

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    Reap the benefits of microlearning with bite-sized lessons every day. Short, regular periods of high-intensity exercise get you fitter quicker than endurance training; eating little and often keeps you slimmer; and bite-sized instruction lets you learn faster. Bite-sized content is easier to digest, understand and remember.

    Take a moment to check out light, short-yet-substantial content in ULearn, including this week’s recommended bite-sized lesson:

    Effective Business Meetings

    Description: Get some quick insight before running your next meeting. In just a few minutes you will be better equipped to run more effective meetings.

    • When Too Many Meetings Are Just Too Much – 6 minutes
    • Making Meetings Work – 6 minutes
    • Preparing to Meet – 4 minutes
    • To Meet or Not to Meet – 2 minutes

     To sign up:

    1. Visit: ULearn
    2. Log in using your ‘Cane ID and password
    3. Search for “Effective Business Meetings”
    4. Click on “Request”

    For more information, please contact Talent and Organizational Development at

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