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Digital Art

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    Sebastian Spreng: DRESDEN

    Sebastian Spreng: DRESDEN

    Two exhibitions of digital art—Sebastian Spreng: DRESDEN and Sheila Elias: Painted Pixels—open at the Lowe Art Museum with a reception at 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 17. While focused on vastly different subjects, the artists have been making art in the digital sphere since, respectively, 2015 and 2010, harnessing the creative possibilities offered by this technology. Their exhibitions will be on view through September 23.

    Spreng’s DRESDEN depicts the decimation of this beautiful eastern German city by Allied bombers in February 1945, and is a meditation on mankind’s infinite capacity for both good and evil. Despite the stark messaging of the images in the DRESDEN project, the 61 works, created on an iPad, have an undeniably lyrical, painterly quality due, in part, to Spreng’s deep knowledge of and passion for classical music; he infuses his paintings with the spirit of his preferred composers.

    Elias’ works in Painted Pixels come in and out of focus, buoyed by waves of colors, as one engages with them. Though abstract, many pay homage to her own body of figurative work as well as favored literary masterpieces that inspire her. Created on the iPad and printed on aluminum, whose luster and reflective qualities echo the effect of an illuminated screen, Elias’s works enable viewers to enjoy the so-called “liminal” or in-between spaces.


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