Rosenstiel School’s Master of Professional Science Program to Participate in Graduate School Virtual Fair for Veterans October 13

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CORAL GABLES, Fla. (October 9, 2015) – The Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science’s Master of Professional Science (MPS) program will participate in a Graduate School Virtual Fair for Veterans on Tuesday, October 13, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The virtual fair will introduce veterans to exciting, hands-on, graduate MPS programs, including more than 15 tracks in ocean and climate science. Tracks include exploration science, marine conservation, natural hazards and catastrophes, fisheries management, climate and society, and many more.

Qualified and eligible veterans can receive full tuition funding through the Yellow Ribbon program at the University of Miami. CareerEco, a virtual event company, has teamed up with more than 75 graduate schools to host the Graduate School Virtual Fair for Veterans. It will provide active duty military, transitioning service members, and veterans free access to admissions teams and faculty to help them research the schools’ graduate programs, admissions criteria, and Yellow Ribbon benefit options.

There is no cost or travel required to participate in the virtual fair; veterans only need a computer and an Internet connection. Once registered, veterans and active military personnel will interact live with a growing list of more than 75 graduate programs offering degrees across multiple disciplines.

“Our graduates have a very particular set of skills, a combination of real-world experience and theoretical training,” said MPS program director Jill Richardson. “For this reason, the Master of Professional Science program at the UM Rosenstiel School is ideal for veterans who already possess valuable and transferrable skills they can continue to build upon. Not only do students get the multidisciplinary background they need to compete in today’s job market, but they can begin to build their professional resume through internships with organizations and agencies.”

To speak with a staff member or student from the Master of Professional Science Program at the Rosenstiel School, call 305-421-4340 or email mps@rsmas.miami.edu. Or visit the MPS Program Web page.

To register for the virtual fair, visit careereco.com/events/veteransgrad, or contact CareerEco at vet@careereco.com or 770-980-0088.


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Under the Weather? Need a Physical? A Free Health Assessment? Visit Your Healthy ‘Canes Employee Clinic Today

The Healthy ’Canes Employee Clinics provide convenient access to UHealth medical services for minor illnesses on a walk-in basis for the low cost of $10 per visit. The clinics also offer:

  • Free annual physicals on Tuesdays at the Coral Gables location and Wednesdays at the medical campus location;
  • Certain immunizations free of charge;
  • Free health assessments provided by the Guardrails Prevention Initiative. (These evaluations take approximately 10 minutes and help you understand your nutritional needs, as well as your body’s metabolic, cardiovascular, and musculoskeletal health. To schedule your Guardrails assessment, click here.)

The Healthy ’Canes Employee Clinics are a Well ’Canes benefit for UM faculty and staff. Visit healthycanesclinic.com for locations and hours of operation.

IMPORTANT: The Healthy ‘Canes Clinics are not a substitute for your primary care physician. If you have severe abdominal pain, high fever, chest pain, severe headache, trouble breathing, or require immediate assistance due to an accident or injury, please call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency room.


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UMIT’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month Tip: Create a Culture of Cyber Security at Work

Financial and intellectual property theft and the compromise of brand and reputation are among the most serious consequences a business suffers after becoming the victim of a cyber security breach. But surprisingly, only 13 percent of businesses use effective security measures to guard against such an attack. So how can businesses and their employees stay safe?

The first line of defense against a workplace cyber attack is often the individual. Staying secure involves a series of small, easy steps.

Keep your workstation secure
Lock your screen with a strong password whenever you leave your desk. If you have a laptop or other portable device, make sure it is stored away and locked up when you are gone.

Password-protect sensitive files
This can serve as a second level defense should you forget to lock your computer or if someone does gain access to your files.

Avoid online traps
There are several common threats or scams that you should become familiar with:

  • Phishing. This is an attempt to acquire sensitive information by masquerading as a trusted entity. Always be wary of emails asking for personal information. Misspellings, generic greetings, and urgent requests are all signs that an email may actually be a phishing attempt.
  • Malicious links or downloads. Viruses and malware are often spread through misleading links or downloads received though email. Also, suspicious emails can sometimes come from a trusted source. Only open attachments or click on links that you were aware you would be receiving.
  • Enter URLs instead of clicking on links. Links in emails and documents can easily be disguised with alternative text. Hovering over the link with your cursor often shows the actual text link. To be extra safe, just type in the URL yourself.

Avoid conducting personal business at work
Keeping your personal data at home means even if there is a breech, your finances and identity can still be kept safe.

Keeping attackers out is always more effective and efficient than reacting to a breach. In the workplace, remember to always “Stop, Think, Connect.”


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Herbert Wellness Center and UMindfulness Present ‘Mindfulness and U’

Special to UM News

CORAL GABLES, Fla. (October 8, 2015) – Cultivate greater focus and concentration at Mindfulness and U: Learning Tools for Focus, Stress Reduction and Balance, on Tuesday, October 20 at noon at the Patti and Allan Herbert Wellness Center. In a partnership between the Herbert Wellness Center and UMindfulness, this free workshop is open to all University of Miami students, faculty, and staff.

“Mindfulness and U is an introduction into the vast world of mindfulness,” said Ashley Falcon, assistant director of wellness at the Herbert Wellness Center. “This year we are partnering with UMindfulness on this workshop, bringing one more of the eight dimensions of wellness to the UM community.”

Through mindfulness exercises, participants will learn effective tools for stress reduction and helpful methods of working with challenging emotions. Short exercises will be taught that can be practiced during the busy day—at work, school, and home—along with tips for doing so.

In 2010, Scott Rogers, a nationally recognized mindfulness expert and faculty member at the School Law, and Amishi Jha, a neuroscientist and associate professor of psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences, founded UMindfulness. The interdisciplinary collaboration brings together cutting-edge brain research and mindfulness/contemplative practice training. Since its inception, the initiative has brought a lecture series and workshops to the UM community.

Reserve your spot in the session by contacting the Herbert Wellness Center sales office at 305-284-5433. Two additional mindfulness workshops will be held this semester, a movement-themed session on November 2 and a music-themed session on November 12.

The Herbert Wellness Center is celebrating 20 years of defining wellness for the University of Miami community and will mark its anniversary with several special programs and events throughout the year. To learn more about the Herbert Wellness Center and all of its programs and services, visit miami.edu/wellness.


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DMAS/FRS Webinar Training for Coral Gables and Medical Campus Employees

The Controller’s Office will offer separate DMAS/FRS training sessions for employees on the Coral Gables and Miller School of Medicine campuses this week.

A training session for Coral Gables campus employees with DMAS access will be conducted via webinar on Monday, October 12 from 10 to 11 a.m., while a training session for Miller School campus employees with DMAS access will be conducted via webinar on Wednesday, October 14 from 10 to 11 a.m.

For more information, call Martha Arocha at 305-284-6148 or email m.arocha@miami.edu.

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