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The Iron Arrow Tribe Expands


The Iron Arrow Tribe Expands

2017 Iron Arrow Spring Tappings

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With the telltale beating of a drum, the approach of a solemn procession, and a tap on the shoulder with an iron arrow, 41 members of the University of Miami community were inducted last week into the University’s most prestigious honor society, which recognizes those who exemplify love of alma mater, character, leadership, scholarship, and humility.

Pictured above are members of Iron Arrow’s Spring 2017 Tapping Class, which includes:

Vedant Achraya
Suzanne Aldahan
Norman Altman
Susanna Alvarez-Diaz
Christa Anderson
Mary Balise
Nathan Bates
Jacob Beck
Braxton Berrios
Alexandra Bicki
Adam Bright
Megan Brown
Michael Gittelman
Avisha Gopalakrishna
Peri Green
Valerie Halstead
Demetrius Jackson
Lee Kaplan
Natalie Laboy
Chiara Lazzereschi
Rick Lin
Megan Lipsky
Gerard Loisel
Karyn Meshbane
Nidhi Patel
Coleman Reardon
Ana Regalado
Robert Renfro
Nigel Richardson
Arrix Ryce
Amanda Saab
Jackie Safstrom
Alessandria San Roman
Jennifer Shiroky
Yash Soni
David Steinberg
Linet Suarez
Stephen Symes
Kay Tatum
Phallon Tullis-Joyce
Andrea Vorlicek

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