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Meditation, Mindfulness, and U at the Herbert Wellness Center

Special to UM News

 CORAL GABLES, Fla. (January 5, 2018)—Immerse yourself in a state of reflection, relaxation and rumination this spring at the Patti and Allan Herbert Wellness Center, which in association with Sri Chinmoy Centres International and UMindfulness, is offering free meditation and mindfulness classes open to members and non-members, beginning with a Mindfulness and Compassion Workshop at noon on Tuesday, January 16.

Led by longtime meditation instructor, Lunthita Duthely, free meditation class presented by the Department of Wellness and Recreation and Sri Chinmoy Centres International will help you find your inner peace, quiet your mind, and encourage mental clarity, discipline, and creativity. The next three medication classes are on Tuesday, January 23, at 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, February 13, at 12:30 p.m., and Tuesday, February 20, at 7:30 p.m.

“Lunthita is a remarkable instructor,” says Christina WooChing, wellness program administrator at the Herbert Wellness Center. “Her dedication and passion for meditation is reflected in every session she shares with participants.”

In a partnership between the Herbert Wellness Center and UMindfulness, the Mindfulness and Compassion Workshop introduces participants to practicing compassion and mindfulness in everyday activities. It is led by Miami Law’s Scott Rogers, co-founder of the UMindfulness Research and Practice Initiative.

“University life can often become stressful for students and employees alike,” says WooChing. “We have forged an incredible partnership with UMindfulness, which has resulted in advantageous programs for the UM community, helping students, faculty, and staff relax and relieve stress.”

Reserve your spot in all sessions by contacting the Herbert Wellness Center sales office at 305-284-5433 or registering online.


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Mindful Living

This Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) seminar is offered monthly to explore the basic tenets of mindfulness, review the significance of mindful living, and guide participants through a mindfulness practice. Being mindful increases engagement with the present moment and allows for a clearer understanding of how thoughts and emotions impact our health and the quality of our lives. Facilitated by a UM FSAP consultant, this month’s session will focus on the importance of fostering gratitude. Attend to awaken your innate capacity for mindful living and nurture a practice to positively inspire every facet of your life.

Miller School campus: Tuesday, November 28, 12-1 p.m., Don Soffer Clinical Research Center, room 692

Coral Gables campus: Wednesday, November 29, 12-1 p.m., 1300 Campo Sano, room 250AB

Rosenstiel campus: Thursday, November 30, 12-1 p.m., Library Media Room

FSAP Health and Wellness seminars are offered as part of the University of Miami’s Well ‘Canes Program. Register through ulearn.miami.edu. For help with ULearn registration, or to receive email announcements of upcoming seminars, please call the FSAP at 305-284-6604.




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