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Stamps Scholars Begin a New Year of Enrichment and Opportunity

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UM's Stamp Scholars began the 2014 academic year by meeting New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, center, a three-time Pulitzer Prize winner who delivered the New Student Convocation address.

UM’s new Stamp Scholars began the 2014 academic year by meeting New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, center, a three-time Pulitzer Prize winner who delivered the New Student Convocation address.

CORAL GABLES, Fla. (August 26, 2014) – With the University of Miami’s fall semester under way, 41 top students from across the nation are studying on campus as both new and returning Stamps Scholars.

The Stamps Scholarships, which provide tuition plus extensive enrichment opportunities to outstanding academic achievers and talented students, are funded by the generosity of Penny and E. Roe Stamps through the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation and the University of Miami.

The Stamps Family Charitable Foundation partners with visionary colleges and universities to award multi-year scholarships to select students from a wide array of disciplines. The Stamps Scholarships are UM’s most generous scholarly awards.

Penny and E. Roe Stamps are campaign vice chairs for Momentum2: The Breakthrough Campaign for the University of Miami. Roe Stamps is a member of UM’s Board of Trustees and the Visiting Committee at the Frost School of Music.

“The University is very grateful to the Stamps family,” said UM Executive Vice President and Provost Thomas J. LeBlanc. “Stamps Scholarships enable the University to attract exceptional students and provide support for them to realize their ambitions and to develop their skills. These inspiring students will be our future leaders.”

Said Roe Stamps, “Penny and I are excited to support a record number of Stamps Scholars at the University of Miami this fall. The University’s support of these ambitious, talented students through outstanding advising and educational programs enhances their opportunities and ensures a brighter future for us all.”

Seventeen of the 41 students represent various disciplines as Stamps Leadership Scholars. This elite academic award provides driven and talented scholars opportunities for professional and leadership development in the fields of research, policy, technology, business, industry, government, health care, and education. Stamps Leadership Scholars are eligible to receive funding for study abroad, undergraduate research, internships, conferences, and leadership development opportunities.

Twenty-three scholars will participate in the program as Stamps Music Scholars at the Frost School of Music. Nineteen of them will perform in four different Stamps Distinguished Ensembles throughout their undergraduate years. The Stamps Distinguished Ensembles include the Stamps String Quartet, Stamps Woodwind Quintet, Stamps Brass Quintet, and Stamps Jazz Quintet.

One student is awarded the honor of serving as the E. Roe Stamps Baseball Pitcher. The recognition goes to UM baseball player Andrew Suarez this academic year.

This year’s incoming Stamps Leadership Scholars are Earl Generato, Pembroke Pines, Fla., biomedical engineering; Aditya Shah, Germantown, Tenn., health sector management and policy, biology; Gururaj Shriram, Miramar, Fla., computer science; Sabrina Xiao, River Edge, N.J., biochemistry, political science; Kristiana Yao, Naperville, Ill., public health.

The incoming Stamps Music Scholars are instrumental performance majors and will comprise the Stamps String Quartet: Jacques Gadway, violin, Homestead, Fla.; Tommy Johnson, violin, Florissant, Mo.; Stephen Huber Weber, viola, Geneva, Fla.; Sarah Huesman, cello, Winston-Salem, N.C.

“Through the generous support of the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation, I was able to attend the University of Miami,” said Stamps Scholar Aaron Kruger. “This investment in my potential will allow me to attend medical school and eventually work at a hospital as a medical researcher, teacher, and clinician.”

Beginning in 2006 at their alma maters, the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Penny and E. Roe Stamps created merit scholarship programs for undergraduates. The Stamps Family Charitable Foundation expanded its reach with similar programs at the University of Miami in 2009, and in 2010 at Barry University, Caltech, University of Florida, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and UCLA. Since then, the list has grown to 41 academic institutions including the University of Chicago, University of Notre Dame, University of Virginia, Wake Forest University, and Washington University in St. Louis.

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Faculty and Staff Support the U: Professor Ensures Architecture Students Have the Chance to Explore Italy’s Treasures

Thomas Spain

Thomas Spain

Professor Thomas Spain, M.A. ’70, who joined the School of Architecture in 1966, still remembers taking his—and the school’s—first study trip to Rome in 1999. “For me, it was just an overwhelming experience,” he says. “I had never been to Europe before, and I was like a kid in a candy store.” Since that trip, Spain has returned to Rome many times as a drawing instructor for students in UM’s Rome Program, contributing his artistic talent, teaching skills, and financial support.

Now a member of the school’s senior faculty, Spain is a key donor for the annual School of Architecture Golf Tournament at the Biltmore Golf Course to benefit the Tom Spain Rome Program Endowment, which was established in his honor, and scholarships for the Rome Program. The program has grown through the years and now includes visits to Venice and Florence, Italy.

With his wife, Dona, B.Arch. ’91, M.Arch. ’92, historical resources director for the City of Coral Gables, Spain has helped raise $210,000 for the scholarships, including his and his wife’s personal donations, in the past five years. “The Rome trip is such a terrific experience for our students that I wanted to make sure it continued,” Spain says.

A Virginia native who has enjoyed drawing all his life, Spain came to UM as an instructor 48 years ago. After serving in the military, he earned his master’s degree in painting and became a professor in the School of Architecture, where he has influenced multiple generations of students.

A master visual interpreter of architectural structures and places, Spain was invited to exhibit a collection of his drawings at the Coral Gables Museum in May 2013. The show, Thomas A. Spain: A Retrospective (1980-2012), featured more than 60 drawings in pencil, ink, watercolor, and chalk and included several lectures and drawing workshops for adults and teens. Some of those drawings are now on display at another retrospective of his work at the School of Architecture’s Irvin Korach Gallery.

Recalling his experiences sketching and drawing with students on the streets of Rome, Spain says, “Seeing the architectural treasures of Italy can be a life-changing experience. Through our endowment program, we provide that unique learning opportunity to students who otherwise couldn’t afford to travel. It’s very satisfying to give back to our University.”

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Faculty and Staff Support the U: Chemist Makes a Difference on the Oceans and on Campus

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Faculty and Staff Support the U: Chemist Makes a Difference on the Oceans and on Campus


Frank Millero, Ph.D.

In his 48 years at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS), Frank Millero, professor of marine physical chemistry, has made significant scientific contributions to understanding the chemistry of seawater. He also has made generous philanthropic contributions to support RSMAS, athletics, the arts, and other areas close to his heart at the University of Miami.

Early in his career, Millero developed equations that are still used today to measure properties like density and salinity at varying ocean temperatures and pressures. After publishing more than 500 works with his colleagues—and several generations of graduate, undergraduate, and high school students—Millero is focusing on the role that oceans play in global climate change.

“About 40 percent of the carbon dioxide (CO2) we generate goes into the ocean, where it affects the world’s climate,” he says.  To gather more data, his research teams have traveled across the world measuring COlevels at different ocean depths in a project the National Science Foundation has funded for the past 20 years.

Millero grew up in Ohio and earned his undergraduate degree at The Ohio State University. Deciding to pursue a career in science, he earned a doctorate in chemistry at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, where he tended bar for spending money and met his wife, Judith. They have three children: Marta Millero-Quincoses, B.B.A. ’95, a South Florida accountant; Frank III, who teaches at Pratt Institute in New York; and Anthony, who works in merchandising in New York.

“After taking a job with Esso in New Jersey, I decided to get back into academics,” he recalls. “I saw an article in Chemistry Engineering News about the University of Miami’s marine lab, flew down for the interview, and told my wife to pack up because we were moving to Miami.”

Soon after joining the UM faculty, Millero bought season tickets for Hurricanes football games and has renewed them every year. He also has remained active in sports. “I’ve run marathons, played football and volleyball, and still try to swim every day,” he notes.

He is just as committed to advancing the University, and has been a steady donor to the football team, the Lowe Art Museum and other arts programs, and the annual United Way campaign. “I think giving through the United Way is a great way to support your favorite UM school or program,” he says. “Our financial contributions really do make a difference.”

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Faculty and Staff Support the U: Alumnus Invests in His Home Away from Home

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Faculty and Staff Support the U: Alumnus Invests in His Home Away from Home

Tariq Syed

Tariq Syed

Now a subject matter expert for Enterprise Resource Planning on the Coral Gables campus, Tariq Syed, A.B. ’04, M.B.A. ’12, has been part of the University of Miami community for as long as he can remember. “My mother, Zeenat Akhtar, works in the disbursements department. My sister and I would come here whenever we got a chance—there were many days spent at the University Center’s bowling alley and arcade room,” he says, adding that his father, Syed Shameem Akhtar, is a retired banker

After high school, Syed enrolled at UM and earned a degree in Spanish. As a student, he discovered that the University’s student organizations and sporting events offered a unique opportunity to bond with peers outside of the classroom. Even today, he enjoys the camaraderie of UM games. “I still stay in close touch with my friends,” says Syed. “We enjoy tailgating at Hurricanes football games and look forward to homecoming as well as other alumni events. In winter and spring, we look forward to ’Canes basketball.”

Because of his affinity for sports, Syed supports the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. He also contributes to the University through the United Way and provides donations to benefit the College of Arts and Sciences. With six years of consecutive giving to the University, Syed is a Loyalty Society member, and he encourages other staffers to give as well. “It’s like making an investment in your home away from home,” he says. “You can contribute throughout the year, and every dollar helps build our University.”

With his UM degree in hand, Syed initially went to work in the University’s payroll department. He then moved to purchasing as a buyer, and was promoted to senior buyer. While still working at UM, he went back to school in 2010 and earned his graduate business degree in December 2011 through the M.B.A. Program for Working Professionals. Now, he is busy in the UM Information Technology (UMIT) department contributing to the implementation of Workday, the University’s new HR, payroll, and finance system. In his spare time, he co-advises the Federación de Estudiantes Cubanos (Federation of Cuban Students), an organization dedicated to keeping the Cuban culture alive and present in the University community.

Looking back on his academic and professional career, Syed says he’s very proud of the advances the University has made in the past decade. “It’s exciting to see UM move up in the national rankings to become a top 50 school,” he says. “You can look around anywhere on campus and see how much we have progressed. That’s one of my motivations for giving back to the ‘U’—I want us to continue moving forward.”

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Faculty and Staff Support the U: Library Leader Finds Joy in Finding—and Providing—Resources for Students

Ann Campbell

Ann Campbell

Ann Campbell enjoys her work as library supervisor at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science Library. “We have an excellent collection of resource materials, and since we are a small library, we get to know our students on a first-name basis,” she says. “It’s a pleasure to help them find the information they need for a research project or a dissertation.”

But Campbell also donates regularly to the University of Miami, through the annual United Way campaign, as well as the Momentum2 campaign website. Her contributions have supported general University scholarships, the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS), and UM libraries, among other areas. As she notes, “I don’t have a lot to give back, but I know that every gift counts.”

An avid reader whose personal tastes include science fiction and fantasy, Campbell worked in a few bookstores and at Cox Communications in Gainesville, Florida, before joining the University a decade ago. She was a staff associate in the dean’s office at RSMAS before taking the library position five years ago. “My mother, Sue Ann Campbell, had just retired from the UM law library, and encouraged me to apply when I moved back from Gainesville,” she says. “I’ve always loved books, so this is a great position for me.”

A native of Philadelphia, Campbell moved to Florida at age 15 and graduated from Miami Southridge High School. She studied at Miami Dade College, took a job in Gainesville and moved back to Miami in the early 2000s. She’s now finishing the courses for a sociology degree at UM. In her spare time, she enjoys water sports, including paddle boarding, and spending time with her young godchildren.

Campbell’s dedication to UM extends well beyond her own donations. “I encourage other employees to support our University even if you can only give $5 or $10. It’s a way for us to help our fellow ’Canes.”

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