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Well ’Canes Market Expands to Lennar

green-marketBeginning Friday, April 6, many of the vendors who sell their goods at the Wednesday Well ‘Canes Market on the Foote Green will offer their fresh foods, fruit smoothies, artisan breads, honey and other healthy offerings on Fridays behind The Lennar Foundation Medical Center, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Market-goers are encouraged to walk, ride a bike, or take the Hurry ‘Canes shuttle to Lennar, as parking restrictions apply.


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Recognition for Beautifying the City Beautiful

The Lennar Foundation Medical Center and University of Miami Hillel’s home at the Braman Miller Center for Jewish Student Life were among the outstanding commercial projects recognized by the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce’s City Beautiful Awards.

The lobby of The Lennar Foundation medical Center brings the outside in.

The lobby of The Lennar Foundation Medical Center brings the outside in.

With its open, airy, light-filled lobby complete with soaring ibises, The Lennar Center was recognized for its outstanding interior, while UM Hillel, which underwent a major expansion to provide an inviting space for all students and the community to study, pray, eat, and spend time with friends, received the award for outstanding restoration.

The 200,000-square foot ambulatory care center, which opened on Ponce de Leon Boulevard last December, was made possible by a $50 million gift from the family of Leonard M. Miller, the namesake of the medical school.

The Braman Miller Center expansion on Stanford Drive was made possible through another generous gift from the Miller family and from another of Miami’s most philanthropic families, the Bramans, along with Hillel International.

The City Beautiful Awards, which celebrate the unique architecture and outstanding aesthetic found among Coral Gables’ businesses, “serve to strengthen our community through the recognition and celebration of our city’s top businesses,” Mayor Raul Valdes-Fauli said.

Also honored this year were 8/18 Fine Men’s Salons on Miracle Mile, for it outstanding visual merchandising, and Zucca Miami, the new restaurant in the Hotel St. Michel on Alcazar Avenue, for its interior dining space.

This year’s judges included Dona Spain, Coral Gables’ historic preservation officer; Ahmed Alvarez, principal at Zyscovich Architects; and Robert Chisolm, chairman of the board at R.E. Chisholm Architects, Inc.

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The Lennar Foundation Medical Center Opens to First Patients

Special to UM News

CORAL GABLES, Fla. (December 5, 2016)—The first patients — nearly 150 of them — walked through the front door of The Lennar Foundation Medical Center last week, entering a spectacular new facility and a spectacular new world of health care.

The many months of preparation and the extraordinary support of The Lennar Foundation began paying off as the University of Miami Health System opened this model for future health care delivery — a conveniently located facility where patients are treated as individuals with a superior patient experience and transformational medical care.

Coral Gables campus faculty and staff, students, and residents from throughout south Miami-Dade County will find a wide range of the most advanced services — from Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, the University of Miami Health System Sports Medicine Institute, and many other academic medical specialties — under one roof.

“Today in Coral Gables, we show the world what the most convenient, compassionate, comprehensive care looks like — and will look like across the region, as we extend our vision in the coming months and years,” said Steven M. Altschuler, M.D., senior vice president for health affairs and chief executive officer of the University of Miami Health System.

“Physicians and staff will enjoy an unmatched work experience, in an unmatched setting, as they treat patients and advance translational research in ways only an academic medical center can,” said Ben Riestra, chief administrative officer at The Lennar Foundation Medical Center.

Hundreds of community leaders, University of Miami trustees and administrators, donors and other dignitaries helped dedicate The Lennar Foundation Medical Center on the Coral Gables campus on November 18, ushering in a new world of health care imagined and realized by the University of Miami Health System.

“This is a monumental day for the University of Miami,” Altschuler told those who had gathered for the event. “It is truly a transformational moment in the history of the University of Miami Health System, and it’s also the start of a new vision for health care in South Florida. This is a facility, this is a concept, that really thinks about the patient first.”

In this new vision for health care, the patient experience is transformed into a journey of being well.

“We will know you personally, care for you individually, and guide you uniquely,” Riestra says in a video Altschuler showed guests at the event. “This is not just about a new building. More important, it’s a new destination, a new experience, a new way of being well.”

The building was made possible by a $50 million gift from The Lennar Foundation. More information about the Lennar Center can be found here.

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Lennar Foundation Medical Center to Offer Winning Approach to Sports Medicine

Special to UM News

Kaplan sports medicine

Lee Kaplan, director of the Sports Medicine Institute, can’t wait to have all patient-centered services in one place.

The University of Miami Health System Sports Medicine Institute will bring all of its advanced specialists and the full range of diagnosis and treatment to The Lennar Foundation Medical Center when it opens in December. UM athletes, weekend warriors, professional athletes, and everyone else with an injury will be seen in the spectacular new center on the Coral Gables campus.

What sets this sports medicine institute—and all of the Lennar center—apart will be its multidisciplinary approach, a new clinical delivery model that can truly be supported only by an academic medical system, said Ben Riestra, chief administrative officer of the Lennar center.

Lee Kaplan, M.D., professor and director of the Sports Medicine Institute, can’t wait. “The ability to have everything in one place, focused on the total patient experience, from coming in, to physical therapy, to all the radiologic tests and procedures, and to have surgery right there is unique,” Kaplan said.

Experts in shoulders, knees, feet and ankles, hips, concussions, and neurology will treat patients at Lennar. Sports cardiology, sports psychology, kinesiology, and sports nutrition also will be integrated into the care. Having everything in the same building brings significant benefits, including in safety and outcomes, Riestra said.

“It isn’t just a new building but a lot of new philosophies about the interdisciplinary nature of what we do,” Kaplan said. A close relationship with the Coral Gables campus will bring in students and researchers in biomedical engineering, kinesiology, athletics, and other areas—in addition to research Kaplan is already doing with stem cells and regenerative medicine. “Engineering students, for example, can come in and see equipment I’m putting in that they have been working on or researching.”

For patients, “the opportunity to see people with the same injury you have, participating in the same activities as you do, throughout treatment, therapy and/or surgery, and then getting back to sports and activities, will provide the mentorship and peer momentum critical for our new philosophical approach to health care,” Kaplan said.

A huge plus will be the center’s proximity to all the student athletic teams.

“We’re basically going to be on the football field and the basketball court, and to be right there for our student-athletes will be a dramatic improvement,” Kaplan said. “If they get injured they will see experts at a state-of-the-art facility right on their campus—they can go from the field to my office to an MRI to surgery if needed and to physical therapy, which is dynamite. For parents and grandparents to know that their kids are being cared for that way is very powerful.”

But it’s not just athletes who will benefit.

“Because we will be right there for the regular student body, they can be treated exactly as we treat the Marlins and our own student-athletes,” Kaplan said.

An innovative new feature of sports medicine at Lennar will be EXOS Performance, a highly specialized system that has been designed to help everyone lead healthier lives. This will be EXOS’s first South Florida location, and its first at an academic health center.

“Our situation is that we take very good care of people when they’re injured, but we need to start working on them before they get injured,” Kaplan said. “EXOS is going to take us to another continuum. We will do a lot of prevention programs, work-related and executive medicine programs to get you to your best performance.

“When you layer on proper nutrition, proper exercise, proper stretching, and proper advanced active recovery, you can really get to your maximum performance.”

Among those who benefit from this will be patients who have had surgery and want to get to the highest recovery level possible.

“EXOS will be that cog that will continue the wheel and get them to the next place,” Kaplan said. “They will help us translate our work with athletes to the active South Florida community.”

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The Future of Surgery: Take an Advance Look at UHealth Coral Gables

Special to UM News


Thanks to advances in diagnostic imaging and minimally invasive surgery, many procedures that once required multi-day hospital stays will be performed on an outpatient basis at UHealth Coral Gables in the Lennar Foundation Medical Center.

MIAMI, Fla. (June 29, 2016)—If you could design the ideal surgical center, it would probably include state-of-the-art operating rooms, super-safe sterilization processes, and recovery rooms equipped with advanced monitoring equipment so you could go home later that day. Of course, the center would be staffed by experienced physicians, nurses, and other staffers with comfortable family waiting areas and easily accessible parking.

That’s exactly what you will find when UHealth Coral Gables in The Lennar Foundation Medical Center opens its doors later this year. “We are bringing the future of outpatient surgery to our Gables campus,” said Ben Riestra, chief administrative officer. “Our new center will be a model for delivering patient care.”

Thanks to advances in diagnostic imaging and minimally invasive surgery, many patient procedures that once required multi-day hospital stays can now be done on an outpatient basis, said Riestra. To take just one example, liver tumor ablations for cancer patients can now be done more quickly and effectively without a hospital admission—and with far better outcomes.

“Everything about our new operating rooms is designed for patient safety and the support of our surgical teams,” Riestra said, noting that clinicians and nurses provided key input into the workflow patterns in the ORs and recovery areas. The Gables center will have six general operating rooms, two rooms for special procedures (interventional radiology and interventional CT) and three GI/endoscopy suites. All are designed with modular stainless steel walls for best practice infection prevention and control.

After their procedures, most surgery patients will first go to the phase I post-anesthesia care unit (PACU), and then be moved to the phase II unit to complete their recovery. The center will have 36 pre-op and post-op beds, all equipped with the latest patient monitoring equipment. “Having the same equipment in all 36 bays gives us the flexibility to adjust how we use those recovery beds during the day,” Riestra said.

Infection control is a top priority at any surgical facility. The new UHealth center will have a three-zone central area to wash, pack, and sterilize all surgical instruments. A red line on the floor shows patients, physicians, and staffers when they pass into the sterile OR environment.

“Today, we see a large volume of inpatient and outpatient surgery cases on the medical school campus,” Riestra said. “Opening the new Gables center will allow us to perform more procedures on an outpatient basis so we can use our current facilities for more acute cases. It will also add to UHealth’s overall capacity and our ability to serve patients in an easily accessible setting.”

UHealth Coral Gables in The Lennar Foundation Medical Center is a five-story, 206,000-square-foot diagnostic and treatment center located at Ponce de Leon and Dickinson, just south of the BankUnited Center. In addition to outpatient surgery services, the new center will be home to the UHealth Sports and Performance Institute, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Bascom Palmer Eye Institute satellite locations, as well as medical offices, a healthy cafe, free parking, and a host of patient- and family-friendly amenities. While the facility can provide care and 23-hour observation as needed, it will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday for patients and families.

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