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Wanted: Veterans and Military Families with Stories to Share

CORAL GABLES, Fla. (February 20, 2015)The search for South Florida soldiers and their family members is actively under way by StoryCorps, Warmamas, and the University of Miami Libraries (UML). The three organizations are collaborating on StoryCorps’ Military Voices Initiative, a project that honors veterans and the military community by recording and preserving their stories. Approximately 18 interviews will begin at 9 a.m. on March 11, 12, and 13 at the Otto G. Richter Library on UM’s Coral Gables campus.

Veterans and military families interested in this opportunity to tell their stories should call Patricia Sowers at 786-493-0892, 305-461-5193, or email pfsowers@bellsouth.net.

StoryCorps interviews are conducted as a conversation between two people, while a trained StoryCorps facilitator guides the 40-minute recording session. With the participants’ permission, the recordings of these interviews will be archived at the Library of Congress and segments of select interviews may also air nationally on NPR’s Morning Edition. “We are a people defined by small acts of courage, kindness, and heroism,” says StoryCorps founder David Isay. The Military Voices Initiative builds on this notion and contributes to StoryCorps’ diverse collection by recording and preserving the stories of veterans and military families. It is an opportunity for them to share their experiences in their own words.

The archive of recorded oral histories will be preserved at UML’s Special Collections, located at the Otto G. Richter Library. Open to the public, Special Collections houses a vast repository for researchers on a wide range of topics, with a particular emphasis on South Florida and the Caribbean. “As a community archive, Special Collections actively documents history by collecting materials, from photographs to personal letters to video recordings, that will remain here permanently and ultimately serve to inform, enlighten, and even inspire future generations,” says Chuck Eckman, dean of University of Miami Libraries.

StoryCorps previously partnered with UML on Historias, an initiative to record the diverse stories and life experiences of Latinos in the United States. UML’s Cuban Heritage Collection served as a community partner for Historias interviews conducted locally in 2009. Additional UML oral history projects include the Haitian Diaspora Oral History Collections at Special Collections and multiple oral history projects focusing on Cuban diaspora and Cuban American communities at the Cuban Heritage Collection. Access to oral history collections is available from UML’s website.


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The Lure of the Caribbean: UM Alumnus Hermes Mallea Talks about the Elegance of the Caribbean Playgrounds of the Rich and Famous

By Peter E. Howard
UM News

Hermes-MalleaCORAL GABLES, Fla. (December 03, 2014) — Hermes Mallea spent nearly an hour showcasing the Caribbean playgrounds of the rich and famous with the pace of a speed-dating encounter that took you from Bermuda and Barbados to Jamaica and Antiqua and Cuba’s hedonistic heights.

He showed how architects spun a web of elegance and simplicity in their work through nonstop slides and photos of properties as varied as Palm Beach’s haughty Mar-a-Lago to Laurance Rockefeller’s fabled RockResorts in the U.S. Virgin Islands. There were the Victorian gingerbreads and those with European influence, and the breezy haciendas sans air conditioning or door locks. Read the full story

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Cuban Heritage Collection Acquires Brothers to the Rescue Archive

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Cuban Heritage Collection Acquires Brothers to the Rescue Archive

José Basulto, founder of Brothers to the Rescue, and Maria Estorino, chair of the Cuban Heritage Collection, review some of the archival materials Basulto has donated to UM Libraries' extensive repository on Cuba and the Cuban Diaspora.

José Basulto, founder of Brothers to the Rescue, and Maria Estorino, chair of the Cuban Heritage Collection, review some of the archival materials Basulto donated to UM Libraries’ extensive repository on Cuba and the Cuban diaspora.

By Robert C. Jones Jr.
UM News

CORAL GABLES, Fla. (January 10, 2014) – Flying in their dependable, twin-engine Cessna 337s, the pilots of Brothers to the Rescue patrolled the skies over the Straits of Florida for more than a decade, searching for Cuban rafters adrift at sea and then alerting the U.S. Coast Guard to the migrants’ coordinates. Read the full story

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Southern Suns and Sky Blue Water Showcases Student Life Over the Decades


In University Archives, cheerleaders from another era sport an M rather than the now-familiar U.

University of Miami Libraries University Archives’ exhibition, Southern Suns and Sky Blue Water, is on display through January 2014 at the Otto G. Richter Library, and features photographs, fanfare, memorabilia, and publications that reflect student life at the University during the 1960s, 1980s, and early 2000s.

“There is a vibrant history here at UM,” says Koichi Tasa, University archivist and the exhibition’s lead curator. He notes that the exhibition’s title, the first line of the University’s Alma Mater, alludes to the timeless backdrop that unifies University athletics, student activities, and campus events across many generations.

Among the exhibition’s ’60s generation mementos is a vintage photograph of soul music pioneer Ray Charles performing at the UM Homecoming Concert in 1963, just two years after the University officially desegregated the campus. Research Services Supervisor Marcia Heath, a curator of the exhibition, said that Charles’s performance was a catalyst in raising morale among the student body during the racially charged period.

“These materials really show us where we’re coming from…how far we’ve come,” she said, also referring to the transformation in the University’s physical campus. One 1962 photograph of the Richter Library shows the completion of the main floors and stacks addition, which earned a design award by Florida Architect in 1964. The library now houses a print collection of more than four million volumes.

The exhibition, also curated by Education and Outreach Librarian William Jacobs and Special Collections Research Assistant Steve Hersh, includes IBIS yearbook spreads chronicling the evolution of traditions like Carni Gras, where students in the ’60s and ’80s strutted in high gear to embrace the Carnival spirit.

The exhibition even houses traditional fanfare such as a dink, once-required headgear freshmen sported until Miami’s first touchdown, and then tossed into the air. “Like the world, the University is changing daily,” said Cynthia Cochran, director of alumni programs. “The opportunity to visit some artifacts from those periods only enriches [alumni’s] visit back to campus, for some of whom it has been 50 years.”

Since he started at the University Archives in 2007, Tasa has worked closely with the UM Alumni Association. In 2010 artist Jacobina Trump created a mural at the Alumni Center, inspired by collection materials, conveying an unchanging horizon over the many generations to walk the campus. Like the exhibition, it also bears the words Southern Suns and Sky Blue Water. “Those words hit home for us all,” Tasa said.



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Cuban Heritage Collection Honors One of Cuba’s Original ‘Mad Men’

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Cuban Heritage Collection Honors One of Cuba’s Original ‘Mad Men’

Ricardo Arregui, center, is surrounded (from left) by his daughter Victoria López Castro; María Estorino, Esperanza Bravo de Varona Chair of the Cuban Heritage Collection; his son, Richard; and wife, Olga.

Ricardo Arregui, center, is surrounded (from left) by his daughter Victoria López Castro; Maria Estorino, Esperanza Bravo de Varona Chair of the Cuban Heritage Collection; his son, Richard; and wife, Olga.

More than 100 community members, including distinguished local artists and advertising professionals, joined family and friends of Ricardo Arregui at a reception on Thursday, September 26 to honor one of Cuba’s original Mad Men and celebrate the donation of his archive to the University of Miami Libraries’ Cuban Heritage Collection.

The archive chronicles Arregui’s prolific career dating back to the 1950s. Known as the Ricardo Arregui Papers, it contains historic photographs, iconic magazine print ad clippings, LP jingle recordings, and signature market research publications. Read the full story

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