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Confront Female Insecurities at FACE IT Photography Exhibit on March 21

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    Girls 4 Good and SPARK will present FACE IT, a biannual photography exhibit highlighting the insecurities and stereotypes experienced by female  members of the UM community, on Monday, March 21, from 5 to 8 p.m. in the University Center Storm Surge Room.

    FACE IT is a way for members of the UM community to confront insecurities by writing them directly on their bodies. These portraits will be juxtaposed with a second photo of each participant, in which words/phrases are submitted by the participants’ friends, family, or significant others and highlight positive qualities in the participants.

    The organizers hope that, in showcasing the discrepancy between how women perceive themselves and how their loved ones perceive them, they will bring awareness to both women’s mental health and the restrictions imposed by societal perceptions of femininity. Educational materials regarding these topics will be provided during the exhibit.

    FACE IT is also an interactive exhibit, meaning that every attendee will get to participate in the event.


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