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Carpool to Campus Using the RideFlag App

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    New transportation technology that is good for your pocket and the environment is now available. To facilitate your commute to campus use the RideFlag app and find your next carpool ride.

    RideFlag, the University of Miami’s new carpool on-demand mobile app makes carpooling to campus a great option by providing you local carpool matches in real time and allowing you to schedule future carpool rides. Download the RideFlag app and register with your UM email. All your information is kept private.

    RideFlag is building the UM Circle of Commuters, consisting of members of the UM community who download the application to find carpool matches. You may choose to ride with a carpooler from the UM Circle.

    To learn how to schedule your next ride click here or follow instructions below:

    1. Enter your destination and get instant carpool matches, or schedule future rides.
    2. You decide with whom you ride.

    When you return your parking permit and utilize any mode of transportation other than the single occupant vehicle, you are eligible for the following benefits:

    1. Eight daily parking passes.
    2. Free parking on campus during fall, winter, spring and summer breaks
    3. Six taxi vouchers annually, by registering for Emergency Ride Home (ERH) with the South Florida Commuter Service

    Download the app now on Google Play or the Google App Store or, for more information, contact or 305-284-1547.




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