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Abbreviated Applications to Revised Provost’s Research Awards Due October 20

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    The Provost’s Research Awards (PRAs) are designed to foster excellence in research, scholarship, and creative activities at the University of Miami. The provost’s goal is to continue to build and maintain a world-class research university featuring a community of scholars, scientists, and artists with robust externally funded programs. The PRAs provide seed funding that is designed to contribute significantly to the University’s research portfolio.

    There are several changes that have been made to the PRA program that the Office of the Vice Provost for Research would like to bring to the faculty’s attention:

    1. While the PRAs will continue to fund both direct costs ($6,500) and faculty salary ($10,500), the number of PRA awards will be reduced by half.  (The other half of the provost’s funds are being allocated for the U-LINK interdisciplinary initiative.)
    • Interested faculty must submit an abbreviated application or LOI by October 20 to their associate dean for research in accordance with guidance issued by each school. Specific instructions will be issued by your dean or associate dean for research. Each individual school will review applications from their own faculty and will rank the top half of proposals. These applicants will be invited to submit a full PRA application by December 4. These applications will be reviewed by the Research Council and funding decisions will be made by March 5, 2018.
    • Anyone receiving PRA funding in the last three years (FY2014, 2015, 2016) MUST submit final reports for their previous projects. Applications from faculty with final reports in default will not be accepted. These reports must be received by October 20.

    The other details of the PRA funding program are largely unchanged. Please view the RFA for additional information.


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