Update on the Problem-Based Interdisciplinary Inquiry Initiative

roadmap-updatesThrough the initiative on Problem-Based Interdisciplinary Inquiry, part of the Roadmap to Our New Century, the University of Miami is developing new structures, systems, and programs to expand multidisciplinary collaborations across the U to continue addressing the increasingly complex problems faced by our society in the 21st century.

Led by John Bixby, vice provost for research, the Problem-Based Interdisciplinary Inquiry action team initially has focused on planning the UM Laboratory for Integrative Knowledge (U-LINK), a university-wide platform for incubating ideas, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, and providing funding to facilitate new approaches to difficult problems. Currently, the action team is designing U-LINK’s inaugural grant competition, which, set to launch later this year, will invite interdisciplinary groups to seek funding for novel, solution-oriented projects. In the longer term, U-LINK is envisioned as not only a funding source, but also a physical space where scholars from disparate disciplines can productively “collide” in an inspirational setting conducive to developing and pursuing their projects.

To further support the initiative, action team member Susan Morgan, the associate dean for research and former director of the Center for Communication, Culture and Change at the School of Communication, has been appointed associate provost for research development and strategy. In this new role, Morgan will serve as an integral component of the U’s research infrastructure and will play an important part in the development of U-LINK.

The action team is also planning an August retreat to further the initiative’s implementation and identify members of an advisory group who can counsel the action team on U-LINK’s structure and assist in the proposal review process for the grant competition.

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The U’s Green Achievements Earn a Silver STARS

UM News

CORAL GABLES, FLA. (July 20, 2017) –The University of Miami has earned a STARS silver rating in recognition of its sustainability achievements from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE).

The STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System) rating is a transparent, self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance and encourage sustainability in all aspects of higher education.

UM’s rating comes as a result of the University’s dedication to engaging students, faculty and staff in various sustainability programs and policies, according to Teddy Lhoutellier, UM’s sustainability manager. The UM community’s collective efforts have led to improved energy conservation, waste diversion and public engagement.

“We can define sustainability in a pluralistic and inclusive way, encompassing human and ecological health, social justice, secure livelihoods, and a better world for all generations,” Lhoutellier said. ”STARS attempts to translate this broad view of sustainability to measurable objectives at the campus level. Thus, we are very proud to have achieved a silver rating. It will help us build our new Sustainability Action Plan for our next application in 2019.”

Among the University’s most significant achievements was the 2015 debut of the Patricia Louise Frost Music Studios, the first higher education building in the region to achieve LEED Platinum certification. With a 70 KW solar system, electro-chromatic windows and a rainwater harvesting system for irrigating the landscape and flushing the toilets, the Frost Studios serve as a benchmark and illustrate the University’s commitment to environmental responsibility in all areas of construction.

With more than 800 participants on six continents, AASHE’s STARS program is the most widely recognized framework in the world for publicly reporting comprehensive information related to a college or university’s sustainability performance. Participants report achievements in four overall areas: academics; engagement; operations; and planning and administration.

The University of Miami’s STARS report can be viewed on the STARS website.


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Schwartz Pedestrian Walkway Closes; Alternate Route Suggested


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To accommodate the upcoming construction of the Carol Soffer Football Indoor Practice Facility, the Schwartz Pedestrian Walkway and adjacent pedestrian bridge southwest of the Herbert Wellness Center will remain closed to foot traffic through July 2018. Pedestrians may use an alternate path along San Amaro Drive and the intramural field, shown in green on the map, to traverse the Coral Gables campus.



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UHealth Establishes Policy Steering Committee

Special to UM News

From left are committee member David Johnson, Chairman Thinh Tran, and members Michael Barron and Joshua Boxer.

From left are Drs. David Johnson, Thinh Tran, and Michael Barron and Joshua Boxer.

MIAMI, Fla. (July 21, 2017)–As part of the project to harmonize policy among UHealth’s three affiliated hospitals, the University of Miami Health System has established the UHealth Policy Steering Committee (UPSC).

Chaired by Dr. Thinh Tran, UHealth chief clinical officer and chief operating officer, the UPSC will be responsible for guiding the policy process at Anne Bates Leach Eye Hospital (ABLEH), University of Miami Hospital (UMH), and University of Miami Hospital and Clinics (UMHC).

In addition to Dr. Tran, UPSC members include Dr. Edward Abraham, dean of the Miller School of Medicine and physician executive of the University of Miami Medical Group; Dr. Tanira Ferreira, CMO of UMH; Dr. Jarrard Goodwin, CMO of UMHC; Dr. Eduardo Alfonso, CMO of ABLEH; Dr. Elizabeth Smith, CNO of UMHC; Joanne Martin, CNO of ABLEH; Clemencia Silk, CNO of UMH; Dr. David Sinclair, UHealth chief quality and patient safety officer; Dr. Michael Barron, CMO of UHealth; Richard R. Ballard, chief administrative officer of UHealth Corporate Services; Michael B. Gittelman, CEO of ABLEH and interim CEO of UMH and UMHC; Dr. Joan St. Onge, senior associate dean for graduate medical education, and Dr. Dushyantha T. Jayaweera, executive dean for research and research education, both for the Miller School of Medicine.

Joshua Boxer, UHealth executive director of regulatory compliance and his team, in collaboration with Dr. Barron, Dr. David Johnson, senior project manager of regulatory compliance, as well as external resources, numerous physician and administrative leaders and staff, have undertaken the task of harmonizing key operational documents for the UHealth affiliated hospitals.

This includes the creation of the new Medical Staff Bylaws, Medical Staff Rules and Regulations, and the harmonization of policies, procedures, and guidelines among the three hospitals.

The UPSC and its subcommittees and groups will meet regularly to oversee the design, implementation and management of policies, procedures, and guidelines throughout the health system. The processes established by the committee during this transformation will serve the goal of achieving a high rate of consistency for years to come.

The UPSC will carry out its mission by defining and reinforcing the distinction between policies, procedures, and guidelines and establishing and maintaining a policy, procedure, and guideline-approval process for every facet of the health system.

UHealth also has selected and will be deploying over the coming weeks a content management system (policy management database) called Policy Stat. The system will allow access to only approved policies, procedures, and guidelines; enable the tracking of policies, procedures, and guidelines that are under development or modification; and enable leaders to regularly view these documents to assure their current relevance.

Lastly, the UPSC also will plan and implement training required for each new or modified policy and procedure, and will ensure that education associated with the new or modified policies and procedures has been carried out. The committee also will ensure that, when indicated, new or modified expectations are monitored and reinforced.

The committee looks forward to an ongoing collaboration with our UHealth physician leaders and our talented and dedicated administrative and clinical staff.

Any questions about the policy harmonization can be directed to Dr. David Johnson at dxj249@med.miami.edu.

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Media Disposal Services Moves to Ungar

MediaDisposalThe media disposal drop-off location on the Coral Gables campus has moved from Gables One Tower to the Ungar Building, room 114. You can bring old, portable media devices (such as hard drives, thumb drives, mobile phones, etc. but not computers) to this location Monday through Friday, from 1 to 5 p.m., to have the data irreversibly removed and/or have the device permanently destroyed.

This service, which is provided by the University of Miami Information Technology (UMIT) department for the safety and protection of personal information, is also available on the Miller School and Rosenstiel campuses at the following times and places:

  • Miller School campus: Don Soffer Clinical Research Center, room 107, Monday-Friday from 12:30-4:30 p.m.
  • RSMAS campus: Marine Science Center Building, room 227, Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

All the drop-off locations accept portable media devices, such as hard drives, USB thumb drives, tablets, magnetic tapes, floppy disks, and/or mobile phones, but not laptops, workstations, and/or desktop computers.

To properly destroy data from laptops, workstations, and/or desktop computers, complete the Equipment Transfers/Surplus form and email it to surplusproperty@med.miami.edu. Once the request is processed, a UMIT representative will schedule a visit to your location within five to seven business days to pick up the device(s) to be destroyed.

For more information about media disposal, visit the media disposal service webpage. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the UMIT Service Desk at 305-284-6565 or help@miami.edu.


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