Compliance Corner: Summer Reminders

Now that many of the University of Miami teams have concluded their seasons, it is important to remember that NCAA rules affect student-athletes, coaches, institutional staff members, and fans throughout the year, not just during the playing season. Here are a few reminders fans should keep in mind during the summer:

Use of student-athletes name, image, or likeness: NCAA bylaws prohibit boosters, local business, and corporate entities from using a student-athlete’s name, picture, or likeness to promote any commercial product. Neither can a student-athlete authorize the use of his or her name or picture on commercial items.

Employing student-athletes: Student-athletes can earn only the going rate in the locale of their employment. This means, for example, that if the going wage in a certain field is $20 an hour, it would be impermissible to pay a student-athlete $50 an hour for the same job. Additionally, student-athletes may be paid only for work actually performed and, to ensure the work is actually completed, should not be paid in advance. There have been many NCAA violations concerning student-athletes who were paid for work they never performed. Student-athletes who receive payment without performing work would jeopardize their eligibility and subject UM to seek their reinstatement, or face other potential penalties. If you are aware of a student-athlete’s employment by either yourself or another employee, please report it to the compliance office.

Extra Benefits: An extra benefit is any special arrangement by an institutional employee, or a representative of the institution’s athletics interests, to provide a student-athlete, a prospective student-athlete, their friend, or a family member a benefit not authorized by the NCAA. However, if the same benefit is available to the general student population, or a particular segment of the student body that includes the student-athlete, the receipt of that benefit is not a violation of NCAA rules.

As always, your efforts to help the University of Miami maintain a culture of compliance are greatly appreciated. For more compliance information, follow the UM Athletics Department on Twitter (@UCompliance), like them on Facebook (facebook.com/UCompliance), or contact them via email, athleticscompliance@miami.edu.

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