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Save the Date: September 23 HPC Workshop at the Miller School of Medicine

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    The Center for Computational Science (CCS) is offering a beginner level High Performance Computing Workshop at the Miller School of Medicine on Tuesday September 23, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. This workshop, which will include an hour lunch break at noon, is targeted at students and postdocs who already know they need to use high-performance computing for their research projects. Please visit for registration and venue details.

    The objective is to teach participants how to access and use their domain-specific applications on the CCS HPC resources available to them. Proficiency in unix, multiple text editors and/or programming languages are not the objectives for this workshop. There will be future workshops where these and other topics may be covered.

    If you do not already have big-data analysis needs, please note that this particular workshop is not for you. CCS will be holding introductory seminars in due course, and will repeat this workshop again as needs evolve.

    Prerequisites for registration are that you already have big data needs, and you already know how to use a text editor such as Nano, Pico, vi, or other.

    The maximum capacity is 30, and participants should BRING THEIR OWN LAPTOP. Any OS should be fine.

    Participants will be provided with a temporary Pegasus account, and will cover the basics of Unix/Linux, VPN, Putty, CCS resources and how they work (e.g. multiuser processes, queuing, batching), and further Unix as relevant to access of and ease of use of CCS HPC resources.

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