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2015-16 Parking Permit Application Process Begins June 29 for Coral Gables Campus

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    The application process for permits on the Coral Gables campus begins Monday, June 29. Permits will be sold to individuals in specific groups based on an established distribution hierarchy on a first-come, first-served basis. Dates for the permit application process and the distribution hierarchy are as follows:

    June 29: All faculty and staff (except Gables One Tower)

    July 1: All residential students (except first-year residential students)

    July 6: All returning students

    July 13: New students, including transfers; new law and new graduate students. This does NOT include first-year students who are residing on campus.

    July 20: Gables One Tower (Group 1)

    July 26: Gables One Tower (Group 2)

    Each group listed above will receive email reminders about the application dates and how to apply for permits.

    Users of the yellow and gray lots are reminded that a number of events are scheduled at the BankUnited Center and the Newman Alumni Center throughout the year. These events often require certain lot closures, which will always be communicated to permit holders. Alternative parking arrangements will be given anytime a lot is closed with the goal of creating as little inconvenience as possible.

    All users are reminded to check their vehicle details carefully. It is important to ensure your tag number is correct as this will help prevent the erroneous issuance of citations.

    Faculty, staff, and students can apply online to select a permit within their preferred zone, based on availability. Once a zone is sold out, it will no longer be available for purchase. In such a case, applicants can then select from the remaining options and, if desired, go on a waiting list for their preferred zone.


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