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Celebrate Homecoming with a Love Brick on the Herbert Wellness Center’s Love Bridge

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    Love.BridgeHomecoming is a special time of year when we get to fall in love with UM all over again. Join the more than 300 UM alumni and friends of the Herbert Wellness Center who have chosen to declare their love and celebrate someone special in their lives with a Love Brick on the Herbert Wellness Center’s Love Bridge.

    Not only does a Love Brick proclaim your love for someone you care deeply about, it also helps put UM students on the permanent path to wellness. Initiated by Patti and Allan Herbert and supported by funds from the Love Bridge, the CHAMP (’Canes Health Assessment and Motivation Program) Endowment Fund offers all UM students free fitness assessments each semester they’re in school. Students use the information from these assessments to get started or stay on the right health and fitness program to achieve their wellness goals.

    The Love Bridge combines two dimensions of wellness that are key to the mission of the Herbert Wellness Center. In addition to supporting emotional wellness for those honored with a brick, the program promotes physical wellness in UM students who take advantage of CHAMP. In other words, a Love Brick is the perfect way to declare your love for UM, and someone special, at homecoming.

    To purchase your brick, fill out the Love Bridge brochure. For more information, contact Carmen Gilbert at 305-284-8512 or visit the Herbert Wellness Center’s website.


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