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Taking One Action

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    Approachable, receptive and genuine were words staff used to describe University of Miami President Julio Frenk during a recent session of Conversations with President Frenk. Launched earlier this year as the president’s “One Action” in response to the results of the faculty and staff engagement survey, the quarterly sessions allow employees to share ideas and concerns with him.

    “I saw the invitation and was impressed. It’s not common for the leader of such a large organization to meet directly with staff,” said Michael Malone, director of editorial services for University Communications. “I had been at the University for only two months, and this was my opportunity to meet the president and learn more about where the University is headed.”

    After a brief introduction, Frenk invited members of the group, which was open to staff with less than five years of service, to share their experiences of working at the U while he took notes.

    “The president established trust with the group from the start, which made it easy for everyone to open up,” commented Hilda Garcia, senior administrative assistant with health information integrity. “He was genuinely interested in what we had to say, and I believe he will do what it takes to make improvements across the University.”

    Fifteen staff members attended each of the first two sessions, which were held on the Coral Gables and Miller School campuses. The sessions are intentionally small to allow the president to engage with each participant. Conversations with President Frenk will continue in the fall, with open invitations to other groups of faculty and staff posted in Veritas.

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