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Learning Needn’t Be a Juggling Act Where You Drop Everything!

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    juggling-actTake more control of your own development with professional development learning in ULearn! Explore easy-to-access online courses, live events, certifications, books, and videos. You choose which skills to develop in a time and place convenient for you.

    The simple and intuitive design of the learning material is engaging and focused, offering just the right amount of information necessary to help you achieve a specific, actionable objective. You will find learning modules that are highly interactive in nature and adjustable to your own busy schedule.

    Recommended learning of the week: Navigating Change

    1. Visit:
    2. Log in
    3. Go on the “Featured Training” section
    4. Click on Navigating Change

    Be sure to visit the professional development learning portal in ULearn and invest in your professional development today!

    For more information on the expansion of professional development offerings, please contact Talent and Organizational Development at [email protected] or 305-243-3090.

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