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Leadership Webinar: Effective Performance Appraisals

12:00 pm

Motivating employees to perform to their highest potential is a key component of any leader’s role. There are clear motivators that employees consistently rate higher than pay as a means of retaining and motivating them in the workplace. They include:

• giving employees meaningful feedback on a regular basis;
• Setting relevant goals so employees can clearly see how their work matters to the organization;
• continuously recognizing and rewarding employees for their work; and
• providing employees with opportunities for growth and development.

These motivators are accomplished through the performance appraisal process. Performance Appraisals, if done correctly, are effective in resolving performance issues and developing employees. What can you do to make your performance reviews really count? If you are a supervisor and would like more information on writing and conducting effective Performance Appraisals, visit and register for the Leadership Series Webinar: Performance Appraisals, which will be held on Thursday, January 27 from 12 to 1 p.m. Karen Stimmell, executive director of Performance Management at the Miller School of Medicine, will conduct the session.

For more information, please contact the Professional Development and Training Office at 305-243-3090.

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