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Information security awareness update: securing your home wireless network

The use of a high speed Internet connection at home such as DSL or cable modem is now almost as common as a phone line. The next step is usually setting up a wireless network so you can roam around on your laptop, iPad, and other Internet-connected devices. Such a setup can be a relatively quick task, especially if you are inclined to do only the bare minimum. Most people don’t think twice about security and privacy issues at home. However, just think about the type of information you may be accessing on your home network. You may be accessing banking information, shopping online with your credit card, accessing health information from your doctor and/or insurer. You may even be using your employer-issued credentials to work remotely. Are you comfortable exposing that type of information on an insecure network? Take the time to configure your wireless network properly and you will greatly reduce the risks to your sensitive information and maybe even improve the performance of your Internet connection. To read the complete tip, including specific steps to secure your wireless network, please click here.

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